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Teaching truth through art By Andrew Kosorok Anyone can be spiritual all by themselves. But we are community creatures – we work best with others around us. Science repeatedly shows that we live longer, we’re healthier, and our neighborhoods are safer when we belong to loving families and communities. This is a huge part […]

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Patiently educating – Ahmed Lotfy Rashed shares What Would a Muslim Say? By Andrew Kosorok Call them to the path of your Lord with wisdom and words of good advice; and reason with them in the best way. –Qur’an 16:125 What is the best way to respond when everyone hates you? In my experience, most […]

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Two faiths, one common base – an anti-debate in Utah In February of this year, Emerald Hills Institute hosted a Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable event at the City Library in Salt Lake City, Utah – “Two Faiths, One Common Base: LDS + Islam”. Utah State hosts the worldwide headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ […]

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Beauty without baggage – Eric Broug and Islamic geometric design Several years ago I found Eric Broug’s Islamic Geometric Patterns, and it opened a window of understanding in my mind. I saw how Muslim artists used geometry to develop beautiful, intricate designs – and learned how I could create similar patterns. My study had begun […]

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Jamison Entry (from American Bungalow Magazine)

Jamison Entry (from American Bungalow Magazine)

A few years ago we met an architect, Kent Jamison, who was building his own home in a tiny town in Texas.  Periodically, he’d order new windows for us to design and build, each one representing a fond memory.

We’d do a window or two, wrap them up, then send them to Texas with our fingers crossed – never getting to see in person the final result.

Kent Jamison is an award-winning architect, and his Texas home is shared with the world in the Spring 2018 issue of American Bungalow Magazine.  You can see some of it in a sneak peek of the issue here, under “Craftsman Intimacy on a Grand Scale:  A Contemporary Craftsman That Reflects Treasured Memories”.

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These images are from the fish windows we built for the master washroom – taken from Kent’s photos while he and his wife were snorkeling in exotic waters.  As head designer and special projects manager at Glass Images and Creations, projects like this are a lot of fun – even if I don’t get to build all the windows myself.

On this particular set (still ongoing) of windows, the whole gang chipped in – the hands in the fish photos are of our Bill Jackman (who has been designing and building stained glass windows since the earth’s crust started cooling), and other windows have been built or worked on by Laura, Reuben, Nobel, and our painting meister Josh.

Check out the Facebook post with more photos here.



By Andrew Kosorok There is a never-ending battle raging for our attention – from social media, news agencies, advertisers, and even the unending drone of vacuous tv or radio programming blending into the background of waiting rooms. There are even people diagnosed with withdrawal symptoms when they don’t get their daily doses of ceaseless electronic […]

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A special piece by Andrew Kosorok on the importance of volunteering as articulated by His Highness the Aga Khan in his 20th century speeches.

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Just before departing on a trip to Iran, Andrew Kosorok comes across a book which explains why Rumi’s poetry is so popular seven centuries after his life. From my review on By Andrew Kosorok In the mundane world, Rasoul Shams (his pen name) is an internationally respected professor of geology, educated and with academic […]

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A professor of Comparative Fiqh at Al-Azhar University, Saad al-Helaly, encouraged the universal celebration of Christmas, saying Muslims can celebrate the festivity without following its religious elements, encouraging a sense of solidarity between Muslims and Christians. Helaly explained that Muslims celebrating Christmas is like celebrating any other special festivity without adding religious justification or value. […]

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By Andrew Kosorok (From my review on “So Peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life (again)”! Such (was) Jesus the son of Mary: (it is) a statement of truth, about which they (vainly) dispute. –Qur’an 19:32, […]

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