Al Jabbar

09 Compeller

Al Jabbar

Compeller (Al-Jabbar)

Etched and Fired Glass


The prophet Jonah was called to teach the people of Nineveh the error of their society’s ways; in the process of putting off what he may have felt was a hopeless cause, Jonah found himself in situations that consistently led him back to the will of God.  The twenty-sided ball is the Platonic solid symbolizing water, and reminds us that regardless of where Jonah traveled—and wherever we may go, as well—he was still subject to the will of God.  When charged with a sacred task, when trying to improve oneself, or when being the vehicle to answer the prayers another has offered, it is always beneficial to respond with a helpful attitude to the promptings and compulsions of the Divine Will. 

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

Calligraphy by