Photo by Hawkinson Photography

02 Merciful

Calligraphy from Threshold Society

Ar Rahim

Merciful (Ar-Raheem)

Etched and Fired Glass


The hand of God—not His literal hand, but symbolically represented here with an image from a Fremont petroglyph—is spiritually extended to all, bond and free, rich and poor, whole or ill, who wish to partake of His infinite, eternal Mercy.  Every individual who desires it may ask in faith for, and receive, Divine Mercy.  The facts of the air we breathe, the world we have, and our very lives, are proof of the undeserved mercy of God, extended to us in the Divine hope we ourselves will improve.  In our own interactions with others, and at every opportunity provided, we need to remember to extend that mercy we desire to receive (and know we need) to those around us; this improves the world we share, and can only serve to make us better, ourselves.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

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