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06 Inspirer of Faith

Calligraphy from Threshold Society's website

Al Mu’min

Inspirer of Faith (Al-Mu’min)

Etched and Fired Glass


The behavioral trinity in Islam is:  God acts on us, we react to the blessing or chastisement, and the ensuing change informs our behavior towards God—God then responds in His actions on us, and the cycle continues.  This three-point cycle is a reality that highlights the personal attention and desires of well being which God has for each of His creations.  Each blessing, beginning with the basic ability to live, is a starting point of this cycle of personal spiritual growth.  The worry stone suspended in the center reminds us that many times, trials and hardship begin a personal cycle of belief and change when blessings may not have had the same dramatic affect.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

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