The Conference of the Birds

An Ismaili gentleman, Malik Merchant, approached me about doing an article on the 99 Names Project for his website of news on arts and the humanities, (he also has a blog here).  The Simerg is a magical bird representing transcendance and spiritual fulfillment; the Conference of the Birds is a series of Persian poems symbolically addressing the journey to this goal.  The article is here, and Malik has presented it beautifully.  Many thanks to him and his interest in the Project, and I am grateful for his patience in working with me.

Another excellent Ismaili arts and culture blog has seen the article on Malik’s website about the Project, and the link is through ismailimail.

(Update–Readers of Mr. Merchant’s website had several questions about my process and the sculptures, so Malik has craftily edited the emails answering the questions into a background article here.)