Several years ago I was a volunteer minister in Alabama.  Among the many people I met was a retired BME minister who always had time to visit with, advise, and counsel a young man whose heart (I hope) was in the right place, but who didn’t always have the knowledge needed.  This gentleman taught through his example that the most important trait which any person could attain was, simply, to be nice.  He showed that the Beatitudes for Christians are those traits which set humans apart from the animals, and bring out the best as we live among each other.

This lesson is followed, I believe, by the mission of Chasing Evil, its Editor in Chief Reverend Jim Sutter, and those of many faiths who work with him and give their time to find uplifting, affirming stories of faith, regardless of the path of that faith.  Rather than desecrating books of scripture, these people respect them and ask others to do the same.  When people hold to a faith it is their privilege to serve the truth they find, according to the dictates of conscience, and being nice about it greases the wheels of shared community. finds uplifting stories highlighting examples of differences overcome, and people of faith learning from each other.  I’m grateful they’ve become a friend of the 99 Names Project.