99 Names Peace ProjectMany artists use art and art making as a means to connect with higher consciousness, or as a means of expressing this connection (see What is Art For?).  The process of art production becomes a healing, holistic exercise.  Dr. Julie Hliboki, entrepreneur, educator, artist, and healer, connected with the 99 Most Beautiful Names on a deeply spiritual and personal level, and explores their meanings in a creative and meditative process called Contemplative Expression.  Always filled with constructive purpose, Dr. Hliboki founded the 99 Names Peace Project to bring creative people together in a positive interfaith environment, using the guide of the 99 Most Beautiful Names.  Artists and appreciators of all stripes are invited to help in growing a peaceful and more civil society.  I am thankful to have found her project, to participate in her endeavor, and I am grateful she has become a friend of this project, as well.  Read more about Dr. Hliboki here, and learn more about the 99 Names Peace Project.