The Truth

Al-Haq, or The Truth

Dr. Ezzat Abouleish emigrated from Egypt many years ago, living in Texas and practicing the healing arts as an accomplished anesthesiologist.  Always drawn to calligraphy and painting, when Dr. Abouleish retired from medicine he concentrated on multiplying his creative talents; at a period of life when his contemporaries enjoy their laurels and relax, his energies are directed to exploring the healing powers of art.  His Holy Names calligraphy panels are full of expressive energy, and seeing a full series together is a moving experience.

Dr. Abouleish happened to come across the 99 Names project, and was intrigued that a Christian artist is exploring his family’s faith–so intrigued that he gave a book of his powerful Holy Names paintings to me to help strengthen my appreciation of the 99 Most Beautiful Names.  His website has many examples of his expanding body of work, an ongoing exploration of visual beauty undertaken with the same healing energy with which he pursued his distinguished medical career.  It is wonderful and humbling to receive a blessing on the project from such a person.

Thank you Dr. Abouleish.