22 Abaser

Arabic calligraphy for Abaser


Abaser (Al-Khafid)

Etched and Fired Glass

Jesus and Job led lives of complete submission to the Divine Will.  Jesus gave up the wealth of his family for the duration of his ministry, and Job lost his wealth, family, and friends—taken in an almost unendurable trial of faith.  In accepting the Lord’s Will, Job dressed in sackcloth and lived in ashes, wiling to endure whatever the Lord required.  For his enduring faithfulness, he was rewarded with blessings far exceeding any expectations.  Jesus, first among Saints, gave himself voluntarily to complete abasement—living a life of perfect submission in his poverty.  When approached, Sufi tradition holds that Jesus proclaimed, “I have lost nothing—the moon is my lantern, my sandals are my chariot, and the morning sun is my winter’s fire.”  In their examples, we are taught that God in His infinite wisdom is always ready to remind us of what is truly important, and has complete power to remove all that is not.  All that is needful is found in active acceptance of the Divine Will.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

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