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At the beginning of November 2010, Orem Public Library in Orem, Utah, invited me to speak on the 99 Names Project, which is on display at the main North East entrance to the library (special thanks to Eliot and especially Virginia).  My friend Ghulam Hasnain (Salt Lake American Muslim) volunteered to come and speak about the vitality of the 99 Most Beautiful Names of God in contemporary Muslim life, but was unexpectedly called away.  At the last moment, Ahmad Salah was able to come, and did a wonderful job.  At the beginning only a few people were present, but the rows filled in as the presentation continued.  A good friend, David Bird–a stained glass artist for Disney–came and took some photos of the event.  One of the attendees came not knowing entirely what to expect, and wrote about her experience on her blog.  It was a very positive evening, and those who came enjoyed taking part in the presentation.