After the presentation Ahmad Salah and I gave about the 99 Names project at Orem Public Library, I was invited to speak to the Grandview Young Adults, a group of Christian young adults from my own neighborhood.  During the hour long presentation, focusing on my exploration of Islam from the perspective of the admonition of Paul (Phillipians 4:8), I asked questions of the 40 or so young people present, trying to engage them in constructive discussion.

Afterward, I apologized to  one of the leaders for failing, because only 3 teenagers responded.  He said, “Are you kidding?  That was the most excited I’ve ever seen them!”  Since then, the young people present have come up privately and expressed gratitude for the presentation, and have told me of their own continuing inquiries.  It is exciting to see teenagers actively engaged in learning about the faith of their neighbors – enjoying similarities and respecting differences – and I can easily see this attitude guiding them to build better and stronger communities.

It was a wonderful experience.