Photo from http://uebungschule.atAn organization which actively seeks to encourage productive, practical interfaith dialog and friendship is the Cambridge Inter-Faith ProgrammeStarted in 2002 in partnership with The Coexist Foundation, CIP has used the prestige and amazing resources of Cambridge to work towards a better, brighter future through finding common grounds of faith, and respecting differences among Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others.  The CIP managing director, Dr. David Ford, wrote “Theology:  A Very Short Introduction” in which he addresses and explores underlying principles of belief.  Dr. Ford approaches an ancient question of belief and faith from a different angle:  Rather than asking how God can exist in a world of evil, we should ask how we can allow evil to exist in a world made by God.  The video introduction to Dr. Ford, and his book, is enlightening.

The resources, speeches and information, on their websites is tremendous, and the caliber of people involved at both the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme and The Coexist Foundation make these truly worthwhile endeavors.