My friend Julie Hliboki, the artist who founded 99 Names Peace Project (an earlier post talks about it here), has assembled a book collecting a third of her Divine Names meditation paintings, titled “The Breath of God:  Thirty Three Invitations to Embody Holy Wisdom.”  Since Julie rarely toots her own horn, this is what has to say about her new book:

“The Breath of God is a stunning feast of the spirit, and describes a pathway to experiencing God. Through artwork, poetry, and stories of her personal journey, the author invites readers of all faiths to engage directly with the beautiful divine Names of God. By drawing upon the Abrahamic faith traditions, The Breath of God shares the wisdom of the ancients and the importance of interfaith appreciation in today’s world. This devotional also includes questions for reflection and expressive arts engagements. The reader is invited on the journey, accompanied every step of the way. The hope is to deepen one’s connections and peace with the Divine, each other, our communities, and the world.”

Professionals of many faiths offer their reviews here.

As we move into spring, a work like Julie’s book is a hopeful reminder of the renewal and peace for which spring is an eternal symbol.