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It is always fun to try new things with people who enjoy sharing them with you.  Over the summer, Pacifica Utah hosted their annual Turkish Food Festival to bring tastes from the other side of the world to the local neighborhood, served with aplomb (and just a little goofiness).  All the dishes were made by members of Pacifica, with recipes handed through their families for centuries; these included a spinach roll, manti, and pilaf (Ilhan, a volunteer with Pacifica, enjoys manti as his favorite, but I convinced him to take his very first bite of pilaf).  All proceeds are for Pacifica to continue its programs of sharing the wealth of Anatolian culture and history with everyone they can.  Katherine St. John, Pro. Lloyd Miller, and Liam Brown from Eastern Arts are experts of historical Anatolian music, and provided entertainment for the event.  Artists who specialize in tig isi or oya (Turkish lace) and ebru (paper marbling) were also sharing their skill.  The food was amazing, and it was a wonderful environment in which to learn about Turkish culture and try so many new things.