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For the July Summer Spectacular Artwalk in the Arts district in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Lanegan (BYU Visual Arts Department Galleries Director) and I were invited to bring artwork to the Marshall/LeKae Gallery.  We brought work by selected visual arts faculty (including Sunny Belliston Taylor and Fidalis Buehler), students in the visual arts program (including Teresa Ewell and Steven Waggoner), and several sculptures from the 99 Names project.  It was well attended, with lots of valuable input from attendees; Peter Strub, Gallery Principal and curator of the exhibit, gave us a wealth of insight and guidance for future student shows.  Everyone at the gallery was wonderful to work with, and it was a tremendous experience to be surrounded by the work of so many incredible artists.  Linda Sherer of the Gallery provided images of the Summer Spectacular opening night–thank you!