18 Opener



18-Opener (Al-Fattah)

Etched, painted, and fired glass sewn with hemp, with keys

With our limited perspective, it is a struggle many times to view new experiences as opportunities; much of the time, events outside our comfort zone or realm of familiarity can be frightening.  The Creator is mindful of the well-being of His creatures, and even the most tragic and terrible occurrence is an occasion for spiritual growth.  Our view, restricted by our mortal limitations, can be broadened as we look to Heaven for guidance; sometimes, tragedy weighs our spirits so we only have the energy to hope for hope—but this is enough.  “Think of me, and I will turn towards you; turn to me, and I will walk to you; open the door to me, and I will fill your house.”  The Creator continually opens new paths for us to explore—to meet and befriend new people that will enrich our lives, or mature from the tempering fire of experience—so we might become the beings He desires us to be; it is up to us to use the keys provided.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

Calligraphy by Sufism.org