20 Constrictor



20-Constricter (Al-Qabid)

Etched, painted, and fired glass sewn with hemp, with woven finger traps

Our egos and our limited mortal perspective traps us in our perceptions; when events refuse to fit within the realms of our expectations or plans, our frustrations mount until it is difficult to think clearly.  Even those who walk the path of the faithful are not immune to the trials, troubles, and hardships that are an inextricable part of our mortal experience.  Sometimes, the constrictions we feel binding our lives are results of our own actions, and at other times they are simply a factor of living in the temporal realm.  Like the woven finger trap, the harder we struggle mindlessly against the restricting event, the stronger its effect.  However, when perspective is altered—when we turn our hearts to the Creator and ask for guidance and strength, rather than for events to be forced to meet our expectations—it provides release from the “trap.”  The event of the new experience, frightening trial, or challenging perspective may not be changed, but by the heart’s turning the reality shifts completely, and it becomes an opportunity for growth.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

Calligraphy by Sufism.org