16 Giver of All



16-Giver of All (Al-Wahhab)

Etched, painted, and fired glass sewn with hemp, with wings

Once Jesus was approached by an artist while he sat at the edge of a river.  The man, particularly pleased with himself, showed Jesus the work he had just completed and asked for his opinion.  He who was First Among Saints said nothing, and instead scooped up a handful of clay from the river bank and sculpted a small bird.  When finished, Jesus breathed on the sculpture and, to the astonishment of onlookers, the bird shook the mud from its wings and flew into the sky.  Jesus turned to the artist and said, “When you have the skill to give what only God can give to your work, you will have the right to be proud of it.”  God is the source of all things, all talent and blessings; everything we have and all our skill is best and at its highest level, when we use it with gratitude and pure intent—in the service of the Creator.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

Calligraphy by Sufism.org