12 Maker of Order



12-Maker of Order (Al-Bari’)

Etched and fired glass, sewn with hemp, with lapus

Out of randomness, meaning; out of chaos, order.  With limited perspective, we can only see disconnected events and the whims of fortune.  However, all things—from the aligning of atoms into molecules to the linearity of time—have purpose, cause, and reason to the vision of the One who formed them.  When our own perspective is narrowed, through selfishness or ordinary day-to-day mindedness, we can easily become bitter with the misfortune of our lot.  When our perception includes communion with the Holy Spirit, we open ourselves to a glimpse of our life through a Divine perspective; we may not comprehend why things are the way they are, but we can become content with the knowledge that there is a reason.  All things happen for our ultimate benefit, which we may not fully recognize until after the moment of this mortal life—but giving faith to the One Who has ordered all things opens us to the transformations for which all our experiences are meant, and we can begin to see that nothing is truly, hopelessly random.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

Calligraphy by Sufism.org