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Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Alpha Omega Arts

In 2008, two friends started a blog to document their efforts to learn and understand about different faiths through art.  The blog has grown to encompass faith exploration from multiple points of view–from the believer and the skeptic, the art builder and the art critic, from the minister and the congregant–and touches on art from all around the world.  Theirs is the continuing record exploring one of the things which makes us uniquely human, the desire to share or understand each others’ faith as we walk through the labyrinth of life.  A while ago, Ernest and Tahlib from Alpha Omega Arts asked about the ongoing 99 Names project, and the spiritual journey of which the project is a part (an article and mention are here and here); I’m grateful that such a caring and curious group of people are interested, and I hope their own work continues for a very, very long time.