Al-Malik from Sufism.org

03-Autarch (Al-Malik)

Etched, painted, and fired glass, with citrine sphere and hemp

The autarch is the ultimate ruler–above presidents, kings, and emperors.  Everything in the universe is because of the rulership of God; everything from the whispering motions of atoms to the burning of monster suns does all they do by virtue of His governance.  The stars of Heaven are jewels in His crown, the entire planet is itself His footstool–and all the universe from before time was time is governed by His might through every moment.  Even in times of misery we must remember:  all things are ruled by His hand for a single purpose, that each of us have all the experiences necessary to become fully the beings we were created to be.  We reach our fullest potential only through losing ourselves in His will and giving ourselves fully to His governance.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

Calligraphy by Sufism.org