Al-‘Alim from

19-Knower (Al-‘Alim)

Etched, painted, and fired glass sewn with hemp


All truth is circumscribed in one great whole.  Regardless of the language of transmission, truth is truth and must be respected–not just because of its inherent value, but because all truth is also a testament of its Source.  Throughout the world’s history, the same metals have been discovered, the same planets have been charted in the heavens, and the same desire to unite with mankind’s Creator have revealed itself in worship, always in the language and to the understanding of the supplicant.  Every path of faith echoes the sentiment:  Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened.  The earnest and honest prayer of the pure in heart will always be answered truthfully, for the Knower of all Truth is Eternal and Unchanging.  (Panels touch on the perfect City of Heaven, the wedding of reason and inspiration, the mystical Council of Birds, number, the greatest and the least, astronomy, agriculture, writing, medicine, cartography, engineering, and the Eternal balance of all things)

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

Calligraphy by