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Why are religious designs many times so complicated?

Are the artists showing off?

When building places of worship, artists would do their very best, not to show off but out of reverence and respect.  The well-made thing is both an object of beauty and a meditation.

Sagrada Familia DetailImage from Wikimedia Commons

Sagrada Familia Detail
Image from Wikimedia Commons

Why so intricate?

The designs and patterns are there to share the gifts the artist is given, through his/her experience, training, and skill, but there is a much more important motivation.

Intricacy and detail provide an avenue of reflection.

Carina NebulaImage from Wikimedia Commons

Carina Nebula
Image from Wikimedia Commons

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The Creator‘s works are infinite and boundless; the intricacy and detail help the viewer catch a glimpse of what this means.  We can easily lose ourselves in the viewing, “forget” for a moment our egos, and become receptive to this amazing, astounding, impossible reality.  And hopefully, for a brief moment, we can rise above the limits and ceiling of human understanding.

Ceramic Tile Tessellations in MarrakechImage from Wikimedia Commons

Ceramic Tile Tessellations in Marrakech
Image from Wikimedia Commons

The artists aren’t showing off–they’re showing us a door.