Trailer for What the Bleep do We Know?

Mystics and prophets have been marked as those gifted, or cursed, with the capacity to see what the rest of us can’t, or aren’t called to.  Ezekiel’s vision of the interlacing reality of the universe or the the intensely absorbing beauty of muqarnas in Alhambra are attempts to describe or express infinity in concrete terms (through poetic language in one instance, and architecture in the other).  The visionary experiences something wildly outside of our imagining, a result of rigorous personal cleansing, and does everything possible to express it.

Alhambra MuqarnasImage from Wikimedia Commons

Alhambra Muqarnas
Image from Wikimedia Commons

How much of what these visionaries see are fantasy, how much are reality?  Because the rest of us may not share their experiences isn’t enough to invalidate them.  The universe is infinite, and any means used to describe the infinite limits its expanse.  The evidence of the visionary’s experience, then, can never be used to invalidate the experience because of its inaccuracy.  But they’re trying, and that’s the important thing.  “Be the change you wish to see,” Gandhi taught; perhaps that is the secret to appreciating the visionary–he or she is sharing the experience of being a conduit for the majesties of the universe in hopes we may be motivated to participate, the least we can do is admire the effort.

How infinite is the universe?