Enlightenment has many paths, and it is wonderful to know it is something of which ordinary people are capable. The phoenix, or Simurgh, emerges from the ashes of the ego; or in other words, enlightenment comes from the offering of a contrite spirit.


Nawruz: Ismaili Web AmaanaHere is what Mowlana Hazar Imam said in his speech October 23, 1980, about the Simurgh translated thirty birds or chief bird:

Let me close, therefore, by reminding you of Attar’s great poem, the Conference of the Birds, Mantiq al-Tayr.

The birds, you will recall, in huge quantities went in search of the Simurgh, the ideal and perfect king. After many tribulations, thirty of them do reach the end of the journey and come to the gate of the Supreme Majesty. The chamberlain tests them and then opens the door and they sit on the masnad, the seat of the Majesty and Glory. And, as an inner glow came into them, they realised that it is they together who were the Simurgh and that the Simurgh was the thirty birds.

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