Over the years I’ve had the great displeasure of experiencing some pretty hardcore racism. I know you must be thinking, What!? With a pretty face like that? Never. I know, I find it hard to believe sometimes, but apparently no matter how many Instagram filters one applies it does not absolve even the prettiest of harem girls from racism.

It’s not always outright aggressive. Sometimes it’s more passive aggressive, sometimes it’s patronizing but it is always frustrating. The expectation is that you’ll swallow your feelings of frustration, like I swallow my pride and patiently wait for the racism to stop. After all you don’t want to make the problem worse and accusing someone of racism is a big call. Are you sure that’s what they meant? Are you being paranoid?

Last week I made a routine visit to the beautician to be well, beautified. Once she’d enquired after my general…

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