Taking Tea in Turkey

Tabouleh has long been a go-to side dish for me. If I am invited to a potluck or picnic, I whip up a batch. I make it for myself and take it to work for lunch, or share it with family and friends. Living in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, I was sure I would encounter it, even if it does have Arabic origins. So far, it has not been a very big part of my life in Turkey, but the main ingredient, bulgur, has. It turns out bulgur is a Turkish word, and is one of the most common ingredients in Turkey. Here there two main types of bulgur, one that is finely ground, köftelik bulgur, and the more course variety which is better for pilaf, pilavlık bulgur.

Living with a Turkish roommate, especially one as good as mine, has many perks, and one is that I…

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