The Silk Road Spice Merchant

Submitted by Vanessa Gillard

Every March, dyeing Easter eggs was a big deal in our household and mum was always the most excited, enthusiastically dipping and prodding the eggs, in there with the best of the chocolate-faced little-ones, admiring whatever tie-dyed mish-mash emerged from the brilliant little vats of colour. I suspect that this ritual was due to our being an Irish Catholic family. Other than dyeing eggs and eating fish, Easter was a break from school in order to attend church instead.

This spring at the The Silk Road we endeavored to see what sorts of spice concoctions we could come up with to dye eggs. Using spices, herbs, precious metals and even mushed up bugs to colour eggs for ritualistic purposes is a common practice among many cultures and dates back 5,000 years to ancient Egyptians and Sumerians having ostrich eggs decorated with gold and silver placed in…

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