Pieta by MichelangeloImage by Wikimedia Commons

Pieta by Michelangelo
Image by Wikimedia Commons

Christmas is awesome, but I really love Easter.  There’s a lot fewer people telling you of all the bargains and sales you simply cannot miss, and there’s no rush at the mall.  More than that, though, I love the promise of new life that walks hand in hand with the new life we see in Spring.  And, of course, I love explaining to my youngest what the Easter Bunny has to do with it all.

The site Christianity Today has an excellent article on Easter, and Religion Facts has some very good bits, too.  I find beauty and godliness in all faiths, but I have a deep resonance with Easter – Christians around the world remember the suffering, death, and resurrection of the one Being in all the universe who could redeem another, and hope returns.  Jesus is the example of perfect obedience for many faiths, and offers salvation to those who honor, reverence, and apply His sacrifice to their lives; in the eyes of many Christians, a redemption the world itself recognizes in the new life of Spring.

From The Passion of the Christ, Youtube