Call it a Map


You might have seen these guys in your local market, in a little tent filled with hot plates and old Turkish ladies in headscarves. Personally, they’re the only thing I go to markets for. Delicious, chewy, flat Turkish pancakes with savoury fillings such as minced beef, spinach and feta.

If you haven’t had one before you should (a) be ashamed of yourself and (b) hightail it to a farmer’s market or the like and buy up big. I  found this Pete Evans recipe and felt like the Gods were calling me. It was SO EASY. Dough made out of yoghurt and flour? It was my time.

I made a few alterations:

  • I used a pan on a stovetop, not a BBQ (I don’t BBQ that’s for boys) (feminists please don’t hurt me)
  • I got rid of the meat quotient because I don’t eat red meat (carnivores, again, please don’t hurt…

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