Middle East Moments

I enjoy getting out into the countryside around Wadi Musa/Petra and having a bbq, a pot of Bedouin tea and being able to explore. Whether it be the interesting colours and formations of the rock, or the chance sighting of a Sinai Rosefinch, or even the discovery of some wildflowers I never know what I might see.

The last time that Atef, Alia and I had a bbq lunch I have to say that not only didn’t I enjoy it, but I ended up getting really angry. At the place that Atef had chosen for our bbq I was unable to see all the things that it should have offered, not because they weren’t there, but because it was marred by others. The opportunity to explore and discover was completely ruined through the selfish, short sighted nature of people. Instead of marveling at the beauty of the rock colours and looking forward to being able…

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