The art of restoration: After two years of conservation efforts, a 16th century tomb opened its doors to visitors in New DelhiWhen Ratish Nanda, projects director of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, India, threw open the doors of the newly restored 16th century tomb of Isa Khan on World Heritage Day, visitors and guests took turns to marvel at the ornate ceiling and to applaud Nanda and his team for having restored it beautifully. Everyone except a lady in salwar kameez who seemed to have found the moment too overwhelming and started to cry quietly.

After having strewn rose petals on the six graves in the tomb, she stepped out. Faryal Khan Niazi, it turned out, was a direct descendant of Isa Khan, an important noble in the court of Sher Shah Suri, and part of the dynasty that ruled Delhi for 18 years, between two Mughal rules. Niazi, a Pakistani citizen now responsible for Unesco’s education programmes in West Asia and Yemen, says she used to visit “Dada Isa…

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