As some of my longer-standing readers can attest, I have been somewhat absent from the blogosphere for the past few months–mostly for reasons that even I find uninteresting (work, life, etc.) But another rather unhelpful factor has been my acquisition of the complete West Wing, Aaron Sorkin’s saga of American presidential politics whose addictive power comes in second only to Battlestar Galactica. With talk of Congressional whips, election polls, and executive powers filling my brain space, I’ve been thinking a lot about the visualisation of politics and the broader ways in which societies define (and redefine) themselves.

Current rhetoric, for example, has envisioned a divided America, split between job-creators and job-holders, while in Britain the debate centres more over those who pay into vs. those who collect from welfare. As with all times, these ideas deal as much in how we think society should be as in its empirical reality.

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