Turkish Kitchen Secrets

Urla  Town is only 30 miles away from Izmir on the way to Cesme which is very trendy summer resort for famous and rich Turks play ground. Recent years so many summer houses built up around Urla and that help local economy expand but also bring some major problems like parking. At the moment to find parking space and go shopping in town centre is a big challenge therefore some big supermarkets are moving outskirt of Urla like Migros to give better shopping experience to their customers and they are succeeding as well. Unfortunately Urla sub structure is not growing with its population rate and also Urla town attracts massive immigration from east of Turkey because of better living conditions and mild winter temperatures. Here there are some culinary pictures while I visited in summer months from their local restaurants, cafes, delicatessen and bakery shops.

Olu Deniz Holiday villas and…

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