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WHEN mother welcomed us back in the house after a long day outside at play, we knew there was caring and love waiting for us.

There would  be a warm meal, a soothing bath, a bedtime story. Clean pajamas and sheets were as much mother’s rule as her unconditional love.

There is a perfect analogy “between the processes of Nature, in the Kosmos, and in the individual man,” according to The Secret Doctrine (1:173.) We learn that analogy “is the surest guide to the comprehension of the Occult teachings.”

We are protected by a natural healing force in our bodies, the ever watchful immune system, surely a proof of a natural built-in ‘mother effect.’ There must be hundreds of examples of this built-in restorative force at work.

Cuts and scrapes are healed, harmful microbes are stopped in their tracks, and every day worn out parts all over the…

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