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By Malik Merchant

Labour for the welfare of others is the best way of improving oneself, because its results are sure and certain. If you work for yourself, you are never happy — His Highness the Aga Khan, Mawlana Sultan Mahomed Shah (1877 – 1957), March 12, 1924, Recreation Club, Mumbai, India.


As publisher-editor of this literary website and its companion photoblog, Simergphotos, I’m always seeking out ideas to enrich the two blogs as well as looking at ways by which readers such as you can contribute meaningfully through submission of photos, stories and articles. The readers’ response has been encouraging as reflected in the number of original pieces we have published including the ones we received for our annual commemorative series such as I Wish I’d Been There (2010), The Jamatkhana (2011) and last year’s Thanking Ismaili Historical Figures

Ideas come from numerous sources, and this year’s 4th commemorative…

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