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I finally finished Creator (Al-Khaliq) a couple weeks ago.  This was the last of the first 25 sculptures in the 99 Names Project, and has taken quite a while.  Not so much because the sculpture itself took a bit of time, but because it took a while to ‘flesh out’ what felt appropriate.  This has gone through about a dozen different versions, and the final version is a fifteen-layer ball which looks like a sphere from one angle and a ‘cosmic egg’ from another.

The layers are made of images including alchemical depictions of the Big Bang and Genesis, references to stars and the constellations, and allegories of the spiritual nature of the cosmos including the balance of yin/yang or Apollonian/Dionysian energies and the flowing of the Compassionate Breath.  These images are taken from my phone – not only am I not a professional photographer, but I am also what my kids call a “techno-tard”, so I am eagerly awaiting the images from the Project photographer.  The number of layers was arrived at by multiplying the three worlds of existence (Alchemical Sulfur or Soul, Alchemical Salt or Body, and Alchemical Mercury or Spirit) and the five Pillars of Faith or points of prayer.

After laying out the size of the layers, I stacked small squares of GNA to make spacers.  Starting with the center-most panel I glued the spacers, glued the next layer, and repeated the process on the opposite side.  The glue is a high-tensile strength UV-curing, optically clear glue we use for installing Euro-style or frameless shower doors, and I held the piece from rolling or tipping over with a roll of duct tape as a base (the duct tape was removed, I hope, for the final photography – we’ll see).  Although we use our physical senses to navigate through our existence, the universe is more spiritual than material, so the whole structure is made of glass panels which are etched and fired on both sides, maintaining clarity while the images appear more ghostlike.  I also felt the clarity and ghostlike quality of the layers lent itself to a feeling of endlessness.  The universe is wide open and forever, and it is overwhelming knowing it was all created solely for our benefit.

Lagoon Nebula Image from Wikimedia Commons

Lagoon Nebula
Image from Wikimedia Commons