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My mother in law hard at work,

and quite enjoying making Maftool for her family.

tetaMoughrabiyeh stew can be served on top of rice, cracked wheat or couscous (Algerian style – see note below), or over Moughrabiyeh beads (Maftool).  If you are willing to invest 2-3 hours in the preparation of the beads then go ahead. My advice is to make the beads on a leisurely day when you don’t have much to do. Freeze the beads in an airtight container and use them whenever you wish to prepare the meal.

In the Middle East, only a small percentage of women venture into making the Maftool beads, (by the way, maftool means spun-around or rolled-around) and even a smaller number are successful at producing beads that are uniform in size. Beads can now be purchased in packages in Middle Eastern specialty stores.

Following are the directions on how to cook…

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