Restoring the past glory - Rethinking ConservationThe talk on ‘ReThinking Conservation’ by Ratish Nanda, project director in the Aga Khan Development Network, which was held recently at the National Gallery of Modern Arts, was educative and insightful.

It revolved around renovation and bringing back many heritage buildings and monuments of the country to its past glory.

The talk was attended by many architecture students as well as historians.The pictures shown by Ratish compared the past and present conditions of the monument. They portrayed the massive amount of work that had been done by Ratish and his team.

One of their most prominent works was to renovate Humayun’s Tomb. “In the past, we have renovated several Mughal monuments and that is why Humayun’s Tomb was a huge challenge.

The monument was in a mess when we first inspected the site. The tomb has a lot of visitors and the population in and around the area is also…

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