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CONSCIOUSNESS itself is thought by most neuroscientists to be created by and located entirely in the physical brain tucked away inside our skulls.

This persistent worldview is only reinforced by our body language: we always describe thinking by pointing to our heads.

But native cultures never engaged in such ignorant skullduggery. The traditional Native American view always considered the heart to be the center of thought and motive.

Confusing matters more are those familiar ‘gut-feelings’ we often have. These  compelling instincts, studies show, are more often than not signal accurate intuitions, even foretelling of some future event.

“Two brains may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but they make literal and evolutionary sense,” says NY Times writer Harriet Brown. But three brains? That does seem a stretch. Yet in Theosophy every cell has a consciousness of its own, even every atom.

[Like the heart], “the enteric nervous system…

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