Were it not for thee I would not have created the heavens.

Hadith Qudsi

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I am astounded at the rich diversity of sacred architecture around the world.  In his work Islamic Art and Spirituality, Dr. Nasr discusses that the primary purpose of sacred architecture is to allow us to reconnect with the original sacred nature of the God‘s creation – His handiwork is holy, and the earth and heaven as He made them are the most sacred.  The role of the holy site, then, is less to call heaven to earth and more to remind us to look beyond the veneer of impermanence and fleeting banality which we have placed over primordial nature.  The first and most holy of temples is the universe, and our structures of worship are built – when they are built by those pleading for heavenly guidance and direction, and consecrated by the faithful – to give us respite from the overwhelming wash of temporal mortality, and to return us to our transcendent and primordial connection with the Divine.

All ground is sacred, we just need help to remember this.