11 - Creator

11 – Creator

Al Khaliq

Al Khaliq


11 – Creator (Al-Khaliq)

Etched and fired glass

The cosmic egg, the sphere of the heavens, the limitless sky.  There are hundreds of millions of stars in the night sky, and hundreds of millions of other planets like ours sprinkled throughout the universe, the night skies of which are filled with the same astounding view but with completely different stars.  This all began in a moment, when the Creator called for light, not with randomness and happenstance, but ordered in “measure and number and weight” (Wisdom of Solomon, 11:20).  Structured through light and dark, hot and cold, inspiration and reason – the principles of dichotomy or opposition are not antagonistic or destructive, but mutually strengthening and supportive, and cannot exist one without the other.  Everything fits together and within each other, both leaning against and supporting, intricately woven throughout time and space so each and every particle, fleeting or permanent, is taken into account.  A truly infinite array of being, within the bounds the Lord of Creation has set.  And all this creation, from the limitless stars to a single human hair, was created and planned for untold ages for a single purpose:  that we, mere creatures of clay and breath, may have the setting within which to grow and become the beings we were created to be.

Photography by Hawkinson Photography

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