Middle East Moments

These photos are some of the more unusual wildflowers that I saw, but I think that you’ll agree with me that they are incredibly beautiful.

I think these photos are of a type of wild garlic. I first noticed it when the heads were unopened and I wondered what it could possibly be, or come to. I revisited this spot several times over the following weeks to follow the progression as the heads opened up.

garlic (1)Middle East Moments  garlic (6)garlic (9)garlic (11)

I don’t know what plant these next photos are of, but I loved the structure, texture and colour of the flowers – especially in the late afternoon light.

IMG_1115Middle East MomentsIMG_1116-001IMG_1117IMG_1118

I loved the shape and form of the seed pods of this next plant. I think it is a type of vetch?


The tiniest of plants provided great beauty. This next plant and it’s colourful foliage was no bigger than my thumb growing in the cracks…

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