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KUALA LUMPUR: The Vatican’s first Apostolic Nuncio (ambassador) to Malaysia, Archbishop Joseph Marino (pic) is eager to get to know Malaysia while encouraging dialogue among people and groups of various faiths.

Marino, 60, who arrived here on April 15, has lost little time doing that, making visits to Johor and Sarawak to celebrate Gawai with locals there.

“It is the people who are the primary actors behind inter-religious dialogues and my role is merely to encourage it,” he said during his first meeting with the media here yesterday.

He said such dialogues would help foster better understanding and goodwill between the various communities and should not be viewed as a threat to any particular religion.

“Inter-religious dialogue has nothing to do with trying to convert each other but more of as children of God coming together to talk about their experience of God,” said Marino.


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