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the inquisitionWESTERN science is growing every year more intolerant, wrote Mme. Blavatsky in her 19th Century article Occult or Exact Science.

Yet “every new discovery made by modern science vindicates the truths of the archaic philosophy…if approached in the right direction,” she wrote.

Not much has changed. In recent months a public controversy arose over scientific research into the fundamentals of consciousness.

“It involves IONS scientists, as well as some of our colleagues,” notes an article on IONS website titled Think Outside the Box, “and may reflect shifting attitudes about frontier research.”

The article continues: “TED, the popular conference organizer with the tag line ‘ideas worth spreading,’ recently removed videos of two TEDx talks from their official YouTube channel and then cancelled a TEDx event. The censored talks and cancelled event had a common theme—exploring the possibility that consciousness extends beyond the brain.

If “will has no special organ,” H…

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