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A better world is coming for sure if we just keep nurturing the smarts, creativity, and goodness of our youth–like these outstanding women and man.

Tuesdsay with Global Girl Media


Tuesday saw a room full of fabulous women–our generation empowering talented, under-resourced teens in cities around the world.

Global Girl Media invests in girls to become their own agents of change in bridging the gender digital divide, providing concrete skills with which to improve their personal situations. They firmly believe that working with young women around the world to find and share their authentic voice is an investment in our global future.

Yesterday in the Tech Mamma Lounge of Make It Better

The Tech Mamma Lounge at Make It Better fosters a creative, nurturing environment to better use technology as a force for good.

Today at Vidcon in California: Stop! It’s Ginger Time by Allegra Rosenberg

Only seventeen-years old…

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