Chef in disguise

Chef in disguise: lentil soup  After telling the story behind the 30 day soup, it would only be fair to share the recipe 🙂

I am doing so in a guest post over at Lail’s blog .I have known Lail for a few months now and I have come to know a wonderfully sweet and kind person who is dedicated to her family. Before following Lail’s blog I knew very little about Bangladeshi food. With every post she shared, I learnt a little more about her heritage. That is one of the best parts  about blogging, learning about places, cultures and cuisines you would not know other wise.

When Lail asked me to do a guest post for her Ramadan series, something from Jordan or the middle east. I knew exactly what to share. This lentil soup is almost the official ramadan soup in many homes. It is nutritious,tasty and easy to make.

Chef in disguise:Lentils


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