Chef in disguise

There are a few recipes that are a must on the Ramadan iftar table. Atayef, amar deen , lentil soup and samboosek. When I was a kid, I loved helping mum make samboosek. Trying to get that perfect scalloped edge or that perfect little triangle. Now my kids are my sous chefs when we make samosas at home. Sure we get some “interesting” samboosek that hardly resembles a half moon or a triangle and somehow they manage to coat themselves with flour every single time. Still, the  laughs and giggles out number the messes and disasters and that makes it worth it every time.
Samosas @ chef in disguise
Samboosek or samosas are Southeast Asian snacks  with a savory and often times spicy filling in a pastry shell. The filling can be strictly vegetarian, a mixture of vegetables and meat or an all meat filling.  I love the contrast between the crispy buttery pastry…

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