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buddha_actionSOCIAL scientists have often wondered if humans by nature are altruistic. Continuing studies show that, indeed, we are.

Those who are selfish, egotistic or abusive, Theosophy says, are breaking a primal law ruling all life – Universal Compassion.

Compassion is regarded as the ultimate power in occult philosophy by Eastern Masters. The Voice of the Silence, calls it “the Law of Laws”

This Law is described in the Voice as: “the light of everlasting Right, an fitness of all things, the law of love eternal.” It is a spiritual directive to every soul to always act for the benefit of others.

The esoteric tradition teaches that Gautama Buddha became the greatest teacher because he epitomized universal compassion. There is none higher that Buddha, and several of his Arhats, says the Voice: “On account of the great renunciation and sacrifice to mankind there is none [higher] known.”

The Voice of…

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