The first book for The 99 Names Project, 99 Names 1 to 25, is out and people have really enjoyed it.  When Chris Blauvelt at found out a Christian had done this, he was very happy.  He and his team were so impressed, they talked to me to see how they could help The 99 Names Project succeed in its mission of building bridges among neighbors through glass sculptures of the 99 Most Beautiful Names of God, and in finishing the books for the series.

“Something like this is really needed!”  I was told.  “It is inspiring not just to Christians and Muslims, but to people of every faith to show what we can do to draw closer to our neighbors.  Just imagine how wonderful it would be if people all over the world did things like this!”

I began The 99 Names Project to share what I, as a Christian, was learning about the many hues of Islam around the world as I built stained glass sculptures for each of the traditional Names of God from the Qur’an.  It is exciting as I move forward with the next leg of the journey, completing the sculptures for Names 26-50.  One of the early goals for the Project was to have exhibits in 99 different cities in the US and around the world; progress for this has been slower than hoped, but with the help of Chris and his team at, and the many supporters all around the world, this is becoming a wonderful reality.

To celebrate the launch of the Project today, if you “like” The 99 Names Project facebook page and send me your email, I will send a PDF copy of the first book for the Project, 99 Names 1 to 25, completely free.  Come by the site for the Project and donate!  And feel free to share it with all your friends!  I would love to do an exhibit in your home town, and I’m so grateful you’re helping me share this project – making the world safer and happier as we learn to appreciate and love our neighbors.

All Project photography by Hawkinson Photography